Posted by Peter Beckham on June 01, 2023 | architecture

As Administrate moves towards embracing being a Headless Training Platform, we look at Headless and Composable Architecture principles and how they can benefit our customers by creating a more flexible and reliable platform.

Headless Architecture diagram showing separation of Frontend and Backend

Headless Training Operations

Administrate aims to be the core of a Training Organization’s Operations; managing the scheduling, operation and reporting of Learning & Development within an Enterprise. Everyone of our customers has, a unique set of Learners who want a customized Learning Experience, and a unique set of organizational goals that drive their Training needs. We provide the platform on which our Customers can build a Training Operation that delivers a rich Learning Experience while delivering measurable impact to organizational goals through seamless integration with other Enterprise systems.

Administrate’s place in a Learning Ecosystem usually looks like this:

Diagram of Administrate's place in the centre of a Learning Ecosystem

Just as a Headless LMS or CRM enables the replacement of the system’s provided digital experience and replace it with an interface created, customized and maintained by a client, we envisage a Headless Training Operation working in the same way. This will allow our customers to closely control the Learning Experience while leveraging the power of the Administrate Platform.

Due to the huge number of options modern enterprises have in HRIS, CRM, and Service Bus systems, the Administrate platform needs a clear set of interfaces for these systems to communicate over, this is where a Headless Architecture can help.

Headless Architecture

To deliver a secure, flexible and adaptable training platform on which our Customer can build rich learning experiences Administrate has a Headless Architecture which separates backend and frontend services. This enables our customer to build unique digital experiences for their Learners while leveraging all the capabilities of the Administrate backend.

To drive us in this vision we are adopting a set of architecture principles that help inform our Product teams, and aligning a roadmap of further technology improvements with these principles at the forefront.

Composable: API/WebHooks First

Observable: Standardized Instrumentation & Alerting

Deliverable: Standardized deployment platform

Many of these principles we have been following for years, 5 years ago we started shifting to a Headless Architecture, you can see some of the key milestones that we have hit along with way:

Timeline of Administrate milestones towards a Headless Architecture

These principles are based around Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless (MACH) and Composable Architecture principles.

MACH Principles:


Customizable Customer Experience (CX)

Easy to Integrate

Highly Scalable and Reliable



As well as the customer facing changes outlined above we have also been investing in the architecture of our internal platform and the processes that new engineering projects must go through. In the last year alone we have:

This investment is set to continue with key projects aiming to improvement composability, observability and deliverability of our platform. These will likely include:

Due to the investments over the last 5 years, Administrate’s Platform has never been more capable and flexible for delivering Customer needs. The adoption of these Headless Architecture principles will further consolidate this vision, ensuring we are all aligned in delivering further improvements in the coming months and years.